Sustainability Report

TPSODL is committed to do its bit to mitigate climate change risks by bringing energy efficiency in its operation and promote among consumers and society at large adoption of clean power and energy efficiency in its energy consumptions. Sustainability initiatives at TPSODL are aligned with the Vision & Mission of TPSODL. TPSODL vision statement espouses “Sustainable value creation for all its stakeholders.� And reducing carbon footprint is key aspect of this statement.

The company is sensitive to the aspect of climate change and committed to introduce energy efficient and greener technologies along with identification of the mitigation & offset opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Key Initiatives at TPSODL

TPSODL has planned several initiatives to enable its consumers to be a part of promotion of clean energy viz.

  • TP Southern Odisha Limited has proactively taken up solar power generation through solar roof-top plants in its licensed area in the very first year of its operation. Facility of net metering has been given to consumers which enables consumers to offset their electricity bill against supply made to grid from its distributed energy resources.
  • Solarization of irrigation bore wells and promoting micro grids in difficult to reach areas to ensure reliable power supply.
  • Promoting energy conservation at household level by sensitizing school students about the impact of climate change and energy saving tips through the "Club Enerji" awareness campaign.