CSR Overview

Carrying forward the Tata Legacy

As a part of the Tata Group, TPSODL keeps the Tata Group's ethos of giving back to society as one of its prime responsibilities. Ever since its incorporation, TPSODL has been focussed on the holistic development of the underprivileged communities, societies and the nation in the true spirits of Tata Group.

TPSODL has a well-defined Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that articulates its aspiration of integrating its business values and operations to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

Being 'socially responsible utility through its community centric initiatives' is an integral part of TPSODL's vision statement which is supported with commitment to serve the society through community-centric initiatives in mission statement. TPSODL's vision and mission to engage with stakeholders and the community streamlines its business processes and provides avenues for growth to everyone.

CSR Vision

TPSODL's Vision is “To make TPSODL the Neighbors of Choice of communities and earning the right to co-exist and co‐create by working jointly for social well‐being and improvement in quality of life.”

CSR Mission

TPSODL’s CSR Mission is to work with communities in the vicinity of its operations or as specially identified, to gain their acceptance of co‐existence under 4 Thrust areas including
(I) Education
(II) Entrepreneurship
(III) Employability & Employment
(IV) Essential Enabler.

CSR Thrust Areas

TPSODL's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are guided by our commitment which is rooted in the Tata Group's ethos aptly expressed in the words of the Group's founder Jamsetji Tata, "In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in our business, but it is in fact, the very purpose of its existence."

We engage with the community by focusing on the following thrust areas:

  • Education (Including Financial & Digital Literacy)
  • Employability & Employment (Skilling for Livelihoods)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Essential Services (Health Services & Environment)

Encouraging Employee Volunteering

Employee volunteering is an integral part of TPSODL's Corporate Social Responsibility interventions. Employee volunteering is highly encouraged and the company's employees actively participate in various social activities. The CSR team provides opportunity to all employees to participate in various ongoing CSR projects. Employee volunteering brings skill and value addition to the CSR programs and this helps in generating empathy for "Have nots", inculcating spirit of generosity among the employee and society at large.

Our CSR Journey

TPSODL has been carrying out CSR in the vicinity of its business operations. Latest Niti Aayog reports say that 30% of Odisha's population is poor. As per the Niti Aayog's National Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2021 report, Odisha is among the top-10 states with significant share of population living under poverty. MPI figures include different districts that are under the TPSODL area - Nabarangapur - 59.32 %, Malkangiri - 58.71 %, Koraput - 51.14%, Rayagada - 48.14%, Kandhamal - 44.75%, 21.88 % in Ganjam, Gajpati - 38.8 %, 33.03% in Boudh. It is obvious that tribal dominated southern Odisha districts are amongst the poorest and need collaboration from multiple stakeholders for accelerated development.

TPSODL has embarked on its Corporate Social Responsibility journey by identifying key communities like women & child from such areas that are remote and poor. It has started Mobile Health Services that cater to healthcare needs of poor in villages where access to a healthcare facility is difficult.

For the economic emancipation of women, TPSODL has partnered with NGOs and they are providing trainings on different economic activities and micro entrepreneurial ventures like mushroom farming, backyard farming, shoe making unit, stitching, badi/papad making and for crop care techniques along with agricultural input support.

TPSODL is committed to gradually expand its CSR efforts and bring holistic development to its target population by mounting strong CSR projects.