At TPSODL, we are focused on creating a large talent with multi-dimensional skills and experiences that suit the present and future organizational needs. We are committed towards making this organisation a place where one can explore various learning opportunities and an exciting path for career progression.

Fostering a capable workforce

Building on the strengths of our technical capabilities and our human resources, we strive for the highest level of consumer satisfaction apart from driving various business process reengineering alongside ensuring safety of all our stakeholders. We undertake various employee-centric as well as social initiatives and ensure a robust safety culture across the organization which has helped us bag the prestigious 'State Level Electrical Safety Award 2021'. It is our constant endeavour to focus on capability development and upskilling our workforce and we undertake a range of initiatives in this direction.

  • Training Programs

Training programs on safety, new technologies, computer literacy, behavioral skills, technical training on O&M, STS and PSS management, use of safety PPEs and best practices are being constantly conducted by both in-house and external faculties for all regular as well as BA employees.

  • Safety Initiatives

TPSODL has launched the 'Suraksha Prahari App' to capture unsafe conditions by employees, business associates and consumers. Public safety awareness initiatives are also conducted through 'Suraksha Sachetana Rath', Safety Jingles, Social Media Platforms, All India Radio, etc.

  • Change Management

As a part of culture building and change management, we have adopted a 10P model 'Paribartana ru Pragati'. The initiative focuses on some of our key priorities including ethics, safety, positivity, motivation, self-belief, customer service excellence, leadership visioning and action planning.

Glimpse of Life @ TPSODL

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Be a part of TPSODL

If you are someone who is eager to learn and would like to take on new work challenges, TPSODL might be one of the best places for you. Experience the freedom to think differently, proactively take on initiatives that are aligned to the interests of the organization, grow and progress at both professional and personal level.