A strong, ethical framework is one of the primary pillars that underline TPSODL's success. We are constantly working to strengthen the ethical structure of the organization to which we are all proud to belong to. At TPSODL, we respect the rights of all our stakeholders and believe in creating sustainable value for society. We are committed to operating our business ethically and lawfully.

Our Core Values

  • S - Strengthen Safety Culture to achieve 'Zero' harm
  • M - Motivate and Nurture Talent to create an agile workforce
  • I - Implement Innovative solutions to build a technology-driven organisation
  • L - Leverage Power Distribution Expertise for business transformation
  • E - Enhance Customer Experience through reliable power and quality service

The Tata group was guided by the vision of placing social well-being on an equal footing with corporate growth. As a member of the Tata Group, TPSODL has pledged the Tata Code of Conduct (TCoC) and strives to embrace the values that drive us.

As a team that firmly believes in business ethics, we make a conscious effort to continue to improve in line with all the core values that guide and control our actions. This helps us to conduct our operation with business with transparency and accountability.