Project Name: ODSSP - Odisha Distribution System Strengthening Project
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Scope: This is flagship scheme of Government of Odisha to strengthen Power Distribution network by construction of 33 /11 kV PSS and associated lines.

This project includes New PSS, 33 kV lines and 11 kV network connectivity.

The benefits of this project are -
  • Reductions in feeder length and technical losses
  • Better voltage profile
  • Reliable supply in remote areas of TPSODL

No of PSS to be consructed-98

Project Name: IPDS - Integrated Power Development Scheme
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Scope: This is the scheme funded by Government of India for strengthening Power Distribution network in urban areas of Odisha.

The scheme covers works related to strengthening of sub- transmission & distribution system, including provisioning of solar panels, metering of distribution transformers / feeders / consumers in the urban areas, and IT enablement of distribution sector

Project Name: DDUGJY - Deen Dayal Upadhaya Gram Jyoti Yojna
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Scope: This is the scheme funded by Government of India. The braod scope of scheme covers, Strenghtening Power Distribution network in rural areas of Odisha, construction of new Agriculture feeders, installtion of protection system on rural network.

The benefits of scheme includes:
  • Improvement in hours of power supply in rural areas,
  • Reduction in peak load,
  • Improvement in billed energy based on metered consumption
  • Providing access to electricity to rural households.
Project Name: CAPEX
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Scope: TPSODL to incur Capital Expenditure as per vesting order on yearly basis for -

  • Creating IT Infra
  • Enhancing Safety
  • Distribution System Strengthening

This will improve operating efficiency of TPSODL by technology intervention, reduced AT&C losses and better network reliability.

Project Name: Elephant Corridor - Strengthening Network Infrastructure
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Scope: Strengthening of network infrastructure in dedicated Elephant corridors through Govt. funded schemes consist of following activities:

  • Measuring the height of power lines by Cable Measurement Tool and installation of interposing poles to increase ground clearance
  • Replacement of bare conductor with insulated conductor
  • Installation of fencing around electrical substations in corridor