People Matter

TPSODL values its stakeholders and has deployed a structured process for continuous engagement with them. 'Stakeholder engagement' is its one of the key areas of focus and is a means of describing a broader, more inclusive public participation process. Effective stakeholder engagement can be used to improve communications, obtain support from public and consumers, gather useful data and ideas, enhance reputation, and provide aid for sustainable decision making.

We engage with our stakeholders to understand their concerns and priorities and use these inputs for system formulation. In order to make the stakeholder engagement process more effective and efficient, the engagement methodologies are customized on the basis of the needs of the stakeholders.

Local Community

  • Local community assumes importance in stakeholder management. One of the objectives of TPSODL is to care for the community in the area of its operations and meet the social needs and demands of the most disadvantaged. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division of TPSODL is responsible for delivering services to the disadvantaged sections of the society with a special focus on ST/SCs. This is in consonance with our commitment towards the practice of good corporate citizenship by adopting a sustainable and responsive approach.
  • TPSODL has started to serve the deprived communities, in the selected villages by bringing healthcare services to the poor. The Company has also been working with the selected WSHGs to improve their quality of life.