Solar Rooftops

Solar Rooftops


TPSODL strongly believes in embracing sustainable power distribution and encourages use of solar energy for a greener future. Joining hands with Tata Power, a leading player in the solar power segment, the Company is committed to enlighten its customers on the benefits of using solar power which is essentially energy harnessed from the sun in the form of solar radiation to make electricity.

TPSODL educates customers on the phenomenal savings consumers can achieve on their electricity bills by simply installing solar rooftop systems. Using features like the Online Solar Calculator, consumers can get the right guidance on the kind of solar rooftop system they would need based on their average electricity consumption. This is TPSODL's way of endorsing green, clean energy for a sustainable tomorrow.

What is a Solar Rooftop?

Solar Rooftops are solar panels placed on top of roofs of commercial, institutional or residential buildings. These panels capture light energy emitted by the sun and convert it into electrical energy. This setup is also known as Solar Rooftop Photo-Voltaic System.

It produces a clean, eco-friendly form of energy, meaning it is an energy source which does not produce any type of pollution or harmful gases.

The Solar Panel Systems do not cause any harm to humans or animals.

Advantages of a Roof Top Solar System

  • It produces large amount of solar power during the day.
  • Helps in reducing power bills substantially.
  • Return excess solar energy produced back to the grid, for credit from your local utility company.
  • Tap into grid-based conventional energy when direct sunlight is not available (at night, or during winter, etc.), or during off-peak hours when conventional electricity rates are low.
  • Govt. of India has approved a rebate of 40% for installation up to 3 KW & 20% from 3 KW to 10 KW.
  • Interested prosumer can install the Roof Top Solar system through any agency of his choice observing guidelines.